The Lifeguard in America Program

What is the purpose of the Lifeguard America program?

The Lifeguard America program connects pool management companies and/or community pools in need of lifeguards with qualified temporary workers from around the world.  Its purpose is to provide enough staff to help pools in the US remain safe and open.

From what parts of the world does Lifeguard America recruit its foreign workers?

We live in a global society and must be willing to accept that the safety of our community pools may rely upon the vigilance of a lifeguard from Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, or South America. 

Are Lifeguard America’s recruits certified?

Each participant in the Lifeguard America program is fully trained in the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training, CPR for the Professional Rescuer and First Aid courses.  In addition, many have completed certified swimming pool operator training prior to or immediately upon their arrival in the United States.

Is Lifeguard America taking jobs from America’s youth?

The Lifeguard America program is not a replacement for employing the youth of America in the positions of lifeguards. It is designed to supplement the “pool” of youth available to keep our aquatic facilities safe and open.  All of Lifeguard America’s clients are in compliance with the Department of Labor’s regulations protecting American workers’ jobs.

Am I supporting illegal immigration by having Lifeguard America supply workers?

Lifeguard America relies on federally supported visa work programs to supply legal employees to community association, hotels, pool management companies, country clubs, resorts and municipalities across the United States.  Lifeguard America strives to be in full compliance with immigration and employment laws of the United States.  All Lifeguard America workers comply with the federal tax laws and pay what is mandated by the Internal Revenue Service.

How do I sign up for Lifeguard America’s services?

Lifeguard America is happy to present its staffing philosophy to any community or pool management company.  However, Lifeguard America will only work with those individuals that respect the needs and challenges of the international worker.  Each group hoping to use Lifeguard America’s services will be fully screened prior to a proposal even being presented.

Who is Lifeguard America?

Lifeguard America is a division of Copia International, LLC. Founded by Rob Fox and Hank Lavery, Copia is committed to supplying quality work experiences to workers from around the world.  Lifeguard America is the result of the more than 45 years of swimming pool management experience possessed by Copia’s founders.  Both Fox and Lavery are experienced international employers, recruiters and educators.